A Minor Podcast #9 Sleepless in Seattle

After a quick hiatus we are back again with a brand new episode! A Minor Podcast Episode 9: Sleepless in Seattle finds Kesh and Ravin paying tribute to the effervescent brilliance of the late great Chris Cornell and the hard rocking musings of Seattle Grunge. With tunes from the likes of Mudhoney, Audioslave, Screaming Trees, […]

A Minor Podcast #8 The Hip Hop Shop

A Minor Podcast is back with a brand new episode focusing on hip hop and rap music. With poet and hip hop aficionado Raaja Rao as our guest co-host, Ravin takes a look at the genre’s roots and chart its development from close knit block parties to becoming a top 40 mainstay. We play some banging […]

A Minor Podcast #7 The 90s Show

The era of ripped jeans and the dot com boom, A Minor Podcast takes a trip back to the 90’s and relives some of the decade’s most memorable musical moments. Join Kesh and Ravin as they discuss some the decade’s lesser known yet undeniably influential artists that helped shape music in the 90’s. From classic […]

A Minor Podcast #6 The One With Tehhalia.my

Its the first episode of 2017 and we’re back with a bang! The boys are joined with special guests Aiman from Tehhalia podcast and Azam from PoetX and together they take a look back on 2016, the year that was. From crystalline pop numbers to locally spun hip hop, join us as we play some of […]

A Minor Podcast #5 Alt Christmas

So Christmas morning has come and gone and all that judgemental old St. Nick has left you with is a lump of coal and a hangover. Fret not for whether you have been naughty or nice, A Minor Podcast has got something for you. Over an hour of punk, rock, rap and soul celebrating the […]

A Minor Podcast #4 Instrumentals

If you feel like we do, there has just been way to much teeth chattering these past few weeks. A Minor Podcast, part of tehhalia.my says shut up and let the music do the talking. Float on by with us as Episode 4 showcases some banging tunes and spaced out vibes that will leave you […]

A Minor Podcast #3 The 27 Club

From guitar gods to gangly youths on the cusp of greatness, join A Minor Podcast, part of Tehhalia.my as we dive head first into the murky world of the infamous ’27 Club’. Discover the myth surrounding this unfortunate collective and listen in as we pay tribute to some of music’s most effervescent shooting stars from […]

A Minor Podcast #2 The Times They Are A-Changing

The boys are back with the second installment of A Minor Podcast, part of Tehhalia.my. Orbiting around the theme ‘Songs of Change’ they have curated a selection of tunes designed to get those pulses racing and make you stop and think about the world around you. From muddy punk anthems and salt of the earth […]

A Minor Podcast #1 Best of 2016

From baroque chamber pop to psychedelic freakouts on the harpsichord, join Kesh and Ravin as they take you on an episodic journey throughout genres and eras with A Minor Podcast, part of tehhalia.my    With varied themes and motifs, each episode seeks to introduce some fresh tunes from across the globe and showcase music in […]