Should Malaysia Cut Ties with North Korea?

Episode 31 Caught in the middle of a North Korean assassination, Malaysia has been accused of colluding with the enemies of the Great Leader and not being impartial in handling the Kim Jong Nam case. As suspects are being hunted and fingers are pointed left and right, should Malaysia reconsider its so-called “special relationship” with […]

Babies For Sale

Episode 30 An investigative documentary recently shed light on organised baby selling in Malaysia. It shocked the nation, many still can’t believe the atrocities. What is it about the adoption system that people find complicated or restrictive? Are the buyers to be blamed for creating a demand for these out-of-system babies? Listen in as we […]

Should Malaysia Adopt the US Presidential Debate?

Episode 28 Imagine watching the next potential Malaysian PM duking it out (oral-style) with the Opposition leader on huge live televised event? Does the idea excite or scare you? The recent Presidential Debates with Trump and Hillary made us think, would something similar work here in Malaysia? What would be the benefits? The potential risk? […]

Trust Me I Have a (Fake) Phd

Episode 26 This week we look into the issue of fake degrees, something that was recently hot in the news. Dr.(?) Azizan Osman’s recent controversies regarding his academic qualifications raised a lot of questions about the business of fake degrees, its implications and the motivations of people seeking them. Would you still go for an […]

Where We Talk Paralympics

Episode 25 In this episode, we celebrate our Malaysian champions in the Paralympic Games by discussing some Paralympic trivia that you might not have known. Here is a little taster. Did you know that there was a Paralympic gold-medalist that competed in the able-bodied Olympic games? Congratulations to the entire Malaysian team of athletes and […]

Pokemon Go App Review

Episode 25 Now that the Pokemon Go app has finally been released here in Malaysia, the Teh Halia Crew gives you our thoughts on the app, its effects to the community and also the longevity of the app. Enjoy! Love, Teh Halia Crew Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter @tehhaliamy Visit our […]

Entrepreneurs – Risk Takers or Simply Rich?

Episode 24 Seems like everyone these days is leaving their “boring” jobs to join the Entrepreneur Club. This week Teh Halia asks – why? What makes these guys and girls so special? And is it “okay” to be happy not wanting to risk it all on your new idea for self-toasting kaya bread? Inspired by […]

Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Episode 23In this episode, Teh Halia thinks it’s the 90’s again! We reminisce about our Pokemon experiences growing up, talk about Pokemon GO’s release in Malaysia and what the future holds for Pokemon and augmented reality!Enjoy! Love, Teh Halia Crew Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter @tehhaliamy Visit our website at […]

Selamat Hari Raya!

Episode 22 Selamat Hari Raya! Its that time of the year again peeps! Listen in on the Teh Halia Crew’s personal experiences of the favourite time of the year for most Malaysians. Mercun, lemang, sakit perut, family members we avoid, all those fun experiences you only get during Raya. We hope all of you have a […]