Should Richard Huckle be Labeled a Monster?

Episode 21 Should Richard Huckle be labeled a monster? Today Teh Halia tackles one of the most difficult and heartbreaking stories to ever surface in Malaysia. Dozens of our nation’s kids were violated, and it took years – years! – for the perpetrator to be brought to justice. But while Huckle’s acts were despicable, unspeakable […]

Politalk – Neoliberalism

Episode 20 This week, Teh Halia, spurred by an excellent article shared by a great friend of the podcast, Mohani Niza, talks about something that Malaysians sometimes hear about, but may not be entirely familiar with (even though it’s shaped all of our lives immeasurably!) – neoliberalism! It’s not always clear what neoliberalism means – […]

What Happened to Harambe?

Episode 19 Your 4-year-old kid falls into a gorilla cage. What do you do? This week Teh Halia talks about the event that gripped the internet – the Cincinnati Zoo incident, and of the late gorilla called Harambe. We ask who’s to blame, who should be put in jail and what we would have done […]

Politalk: The Political Rise of Donald Trump

Episode 18 Donald Trump for President!! … Or not? This week Teh Halia deals with the American election’s biggest news yet. Everyone’s favourite candidate / giant oompa loompa, the Donald himself has won enough to win the Republican nomination for President of the United States of America! That’s right, the party of Abraham Lincoln has […]

Is It Racist to Hate Durians?

Episode 17 This week, Teh Halia gets outraged as we tackle an issue near and dear to Malaysian hearts – durians! We talk about an article featured on Project Ava  on how Buzzfeed’s “People Try Durian (The Smelliest Fruit In The World)” video is, well, can be seen as pretty darn racist. Some people weren’t happy that […]

Awe or Bore: Captain America Civil War

Episode 16 Team Cap? Team Iron Man? Team… Spiderman? Welcome true believers to another episode of the Teh Halia Podcast! This week, we’re talking about the latest, greatest installment to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America: Civil War! Hear us geek out and argue who’s the coolest, the most powerful, who we’d pick to be in our […]

Should We Be Sad That Prince Died?

Episode 15 This week Teh Halia asks the question – do you need to be a ‘real’ fan to mourn the death of a celebrity? We’ve all seen a lot this week about Prince – musical genius, pioneer, performer extraordinaire. But how many of us really knew Prince? Or are most people, like us, vaguely […]

What was Maxis thinking?

Episode 14 This week, the Teh Halia Crew braves the social media storm engulfing one of the country’s biggest telco providers and tries to answer the question – what the hell were they thinking? Was Maxis right to offer discriminatory packages to customers looking to leave? How did they handle the fallout? And why it […]

Wanderlust – When You Just Need To Go

Episode 13 This week the Teh Halia Crew shares travel stories from abroad attempting to tease your wanderlust and get your bags packed. There’s always plenty to discover wherever you are, just like we did on our travel adventures around Asia. Safwan, Kesh and Bubak discuss their escapades and the little things that make places […]