Diet, Paleo and Fat Shaming

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Episode 0.5

This week the Teh Halia Crew gets a little nostalgic as we share with you our very first recording back in December 2015 as we tried to figure out whether podcasting is really for us (SPOILER ALERT: Yes, it is!)

Hear us as we giggle, stumble and commit all kinds of radio crimes while talking about nutrition, diets and fat-shaming, featuring the very first appearance of Teh Halia regular, Ezmira!

Catch Darimi in his first gig as moderator, Safwan earnestly quoting Freakonomics, Aiman unashamedly bluffing his way through facts and Bubak as he tries to figure why he hangs out with these guys at all.

We hope you enjoy this episode, as we sure had a great time recording it.


Teh Halia Crew

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