Gaming and eSports in Malaysia

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Episode 7

When you play DOTA2 or CS:GO, do you feel like you’re the best in the world, and everyone else are just noobs? Ever felt like you could earn money playing games? Then give this episode a listen! This episode we are talking gaming and eSports with three special guests; Alissa Norrazak, a pro-gamer who plays Battlefield 4, Michelle Tan and Nicholas Ngo, both co-founders of Fundeavour. We discuss what it takes to be a pro-gamer, how amateur gamers can burst into the pro-scene and all things on gaming sponsorship.

If you wanna watch some sick BF4 helicopter plays, check out Alissa’s youtube channel.

If you want more information on getting sponsorship, get in touch with the fundeavour folks (

For a fun, laidback stream, do check out Michelle Tan’s personal gaming stream (

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