Poet X #02 – The Love We Lost

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Episode 2

The Love We Lost

Everyone has experienced loss in their lives.
There are the little losses – the ones you cry about and get over. These are the ones time will heal. The ones you will forget.

Then, there are the big losses. These are the ones you will never get over. The ones you will always remember. The ones that hurt you so much you write poetry.

In this second episode of Poet X, we explore how the loss of love has affected our poets.
We are proud to present you 3 featured poets to shed light on their personal experiences around this theme.

Featured this episode:
1. ‘Fingertips’ by Arisha Rozaidee
2. ‘Question Marks’ by Arisha Rozaidee
3. ‘Not A Bad Breakup’ by Nadia
4. ‘A Poem About Loss’ by Jamal Raslan

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