Poet X #03 – What They Tell Me

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Episode 3

What They Tell Me

Society has a way of impacting the way we think, how we do things and how we behave. Our surroundings influence the kind of people we turn out to be.

However, nowadays we see evidence of many societal illnesses that plague our world. At times, we feel helpless to change the situation, yet we all know that the first step towards recovery is acceptance.

In this third episode of Poet X, we accept the realities we face in today’s world without ever losing hope for the future. We are proud to present you 4 poets who diagnose society’s sicknesses in the most poetic of ways.

Featured this episode:
1) ‘I Tried Washing Delhi Off My Hair’ by Aya Adil Elbaz
2) ‘On My Block’ by Wan Rizal
3) ‘Implikasi Vitaliti’ by Awang Saufi
4) ‘Sanctuary’ by Raaja Rao

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