Poet X #04 – Used and Abused

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Episode 4

Used and Abused

Nowadays, every time we watch the news or scroll through our Facebook newsfeed, we find news of abuse. Abuse takes on many forms in today’s world and often floods headlines depending on the gravity of the offense. But reporting often stops here.

One has to ask:
Is knowing about the abuse when it happened enough? Especially when the pain and trauma lingers on with the victim for years.

Our episode today moves away from the crime of the abuse and instead focuses on the impact it leaves on victims.

In this fourth episode of Poet X, we delve into the souls of the used and abused and peer into the hidden cracks we thought time healed.

Featured this episode:
1) ‘Bundle Shopping’ by Qaisara Idrus
2) ‘Clean’ by Nadia
3) ‘Whore’ by Azam Rais

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  1. the feelings are raw and I’m feeling like crying now.

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