Poet X #05 – A Better Me

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Episode 5

A Better Me

As this is the first episode of Poet X in 2017, we felt it only right that we reflect on the year that was past and recollect lessons we’ve learnt along the way. We know at times, memories can be difficult to understand and are rarely insightful.

However, it is often up to us to extract its meaning and apply its true lessons for the benefit of the future. We entreat you to tune in as we travel through history on the path of poetry.

In this fifth episode of Poet X, we feature three poets journeying through time and past ponderings in search of answers for the future.

Featured this episode:
1) ‘Tentang Semalam’ by Tulangkata
2) ‘I Am A Sinner’ by Qaisara Idrus
3) ‘Merdeka’ by Sheena Baharudin

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