Poet X Special: Tales Of The Untold 2.0

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Poet X Special: Tales Of The Untold 2.0 (TOTU2)

In collaboration with our partners Monsters Among Us and Asterik Anak Seni, Poet X is proud to present an off-season special of recordings taken during our event in August 2017.

TOTU2 was part of a larger campaign to raise awareness on the issue of child sexual abuse and sexual grooming, or abbreviated as CSAG.
It was held at Twenty20Two, PJ and showcased many different performances including music, poetry, storytelling and theatre. Our celebrity guest Daphne Iking also took to the stage and read true victim stories which touched the hearts of many in the crowd. The venue was packed on the night with over 170 tickets sold.

It is our combined hope that the message is received by society loud and clear that there is no place for CSAG in our country and our future.

Featured exclusively in this episode are poems recorded live during ‘Tales of the Untold’ 2.0:

1) ‘Achar Budak Kampung’ by Pavithrah Sambu
2) ‘Motorcycle Diaries’ by Jamal Raslan
3) ‘Hati Besar Jari’ by Wani Ardy

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