Should I Trust The Government?

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Episode 11

If you were shipwrecked on an island with a group of people, and you could choose your own type of government, what would you pick? Democracy? Republic? Monarchy? Anarchy?

This week, the Teh Halia Crew grapples with a question that human society has tried to answer for centuries – is it possible to trust someone else to make the laws that you are compelled to obey?

We get our political scientist hats on and talk about democracy, whether our politicians can really represent us, how a marketplace of ideologies could work and how even the best of governments can fall prey to corruption. Plus, get to know the Crew a little better as we ask ourselves – what is our ideal type of government?

N.B. We apologise in advance for the occasional break-ups in audio. The gremlins were at our mics again, but we’ve bought some anti-gremlin spray so we should be good in the future.

Love you all!

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