Marijoinlah Conversations | Ep. 1 | Afiq Iskandar

Marijoinlah aims to learn a little bit more about Malaysia and it’s people. We will explore thoughts, feelings and opinions about issues that matter through our conversations with guests on the show. Afiq Iskandar kicks things off in Episode 1 of the Marijoinlah podcast, sharing views and experiences about Tarik Jeans, Oh Chentaku and his outlook […]

Entrepreneurs – Risk Takers or Simply Rich?

Episode 24 Seems like everyone these days is leaving their “boring” jobs to join the Entrepreneur Club. This week Teh Halia asks – why? What makes these guys and girls so special? And is it “okay” to be happy not wanting to risk it all on your new idea for self-toasting kaya bread? Inspired by […]