Marijoinlah Conversations | Ep. 1 | Afiq Iskandar

Marijoinlah aims to learn a little bit more about Malaysia and it’s people. We will explore thoughts, feelings and opinions about issues that matter through our conversations with guests on the show. Afiq Iskandar kicks things off in Episode 1 of the Marijoinlah podcast, sharing views and experiences about Tarik Jeans, Oh Chentaku and his outlook […]

A Minor Podcast #5 Alt Christmas

So Christmas morning has come and gone and all that judgemental old St. Nick has left you with is a lump of coal and a hangover. Fret not for whether you have been naughty or nice, A Minor Podcast has got something for you. Over an hour of punk, rock, rap and soul celebrating the […]

A Minor Podcast #1 Best of 2016

From baroque chamber pop to psychedelic freakouts on the harpsichord, join Kesh and Ravin as they take you on an episodic journey throughout genres and eras with A Minor Podcast, part of    With varied themes and motifs, each episode seeks to introduce some fresh tunes from across the globe and showcase music in […]