Teh Halia Crew

Aiman Caezar

History and politics junkie. Believes in the examined life and dreams of writing a book one day if he could only get out of bed.

Ahmad Mustafa

An engineer who loves his punctuality more than anything else. Truly believes that science answers all and hates bullshit "politically-correct" answers. A very bad DOTA player too.

Ezmira Malek

Believer in social constructionism, a budget traveller and a feminist at heart. Analyst on weekdays, the lepak buddy by weekends.

Aiman Rashad

A conformist who is comfortable in his own bubble. Occasional bursts of social awareness. His life revolves around movies and TV shows.

Keshminder Singh

Enjoys nature, spontaneity and money. Dabbling into entrepreneurship and growing ideas. Generally a punny guy.

Darimi Saadon

A hardcore Real Madrid, Kobe and Stephen Curry fan. Passionate debater, very opiniated on current issues, especially on economics and business.

Safwan Siddiq

Avid media consumer and inspiring creator. Life revolves around Youtube, at work and at home. Always makes inappropriate jokes.