The ‘Quit Mansplaining’ Edition

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Episode 8

What happens when the girls take over?

This week on Teh Halia, the boys shut up for once and let the women talk!

Ezmira, Dianah and Pond sit across Lean In Malaysia’s Abir, Afifah and Ashley to share what it means to be a feminist today, and in Malaysia. They also discuss female perspectives in the workplace, female participation in politics and the economy and what options are available for the urban feminist who struggles to balance career ambitions with pressures to conform to social expectations. Also: could Datuk Vida of Qu Puteh fame be an unlikely feminist icon?

All this and more on this week’s Teh Halia Podcast, as the crew quits mansplaining and we listen in on some real heroes!

Lean In Malaysia
Twitter: @LeanInMalaysia


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